"I knew I wanted Cliff Chally to create my ordination vestments as soon as I saw the gorgeous set he designed for our parish a few years earlier. With only a few emails and phone calls, Cliff was able to turn my basic vision into reality that easily surpassed my highest hopes and expectations. When I arrived at his workshop for my final fitting, the sight of the icon on the back of my chasuble really did take my breath away! Cliff was a joy to work with, even from 3,000 miles away. Every time I wear my vestments, parishioners express their delight in their beauty.  Cliff's work is a perfect example of the traditional Anglican commitment to 'the beauty of holiness' "

The Rev. Veronica M. Tierney, Needham, MA

Stole for The Reverend Lesley McCoghrie

"From the beginning of the design process to the delivery of the completed stole, CLIFFORD+CHALLY provided excellent and timely service and a truly beautiful product. I will certainly put his considerable skills to use in the service of the church again, and will not hesitate to recommend him for projects both large and small."

Carlton Kelley +

Chasuble for The Rev. Michael J. Hodges

"The set is an incredible gift to our parish – the few who have been given a sneak-peak are raving about the workmanship and beauty.  I trust that you will convey to all who had a hand in the production how thrilled and thankful we are."

"They arrived safe and sound and they are absolutely beautiful!  I can’t begin to tell you how this has made my Easter.  Joy, in whose memory the chasuble was given, was the altar chapter member responsible for the month of April.  Most years this meant that I saw a lot of her during Holy Week and she was the type of person you couldn’t wait to see, and she always brought a smile to everyone – one of the most appropriately named people I have ever met.  This is our first Easter without her and it will be such a blessing to be cloaked in her memory and presence this Easter. Again, thank you for your assistance and your diligence in getting this to us by Easter.  It has been a pleasure to work with you and I hope to have another opportunity in the future."

The Rev. Michael J. Hodges, Rector of St. Paul's Church, Dedham, MA